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The Trent-Severn Waterway is 386km long and includes 36 conventional locks, two flight locks, two hydraulic lift locks and a marine railway. It runs through Central Ontario stretching from the Bay of Quinte to Georgian Bay. The Waterway is open from mid May to mid October. Despite its popularity, the Trent-Severn system remains mostly unspoiled. A national historic site, it is safeguarded and administered by administered by Parks Canada. It is also promoted by the Friends of the Trent-Severn Waterway organization.

Riverview Park and ZooPARKS

Peterborough parks put the city in a league of its own. The parks along both sides of the Otanabee River are continuous with beauty around every bend in the road. I traveled along Armour Road stopping every few hundred feet in amazement. On my last day I traveled the opposite side of the River only to be tempted by the Riverview Park and Zoo. Although some of the park is still under construction, it is a must visit.

Kudos to the Rotary Club of Peterborough and the City of Peterborough for the development of the Greenway Trail and Otonabee River Trail. I walked the River Trail through town and was disappointed that I did not have my mountain bike with me. Next time Peterborough! Yes there will be a next time guaranteed! Peterborough has been voted one of the prettiest and cleanest towns in the province of Ontario.


This historic site provides boaters with the thrill of riding the highest (19.8m) hydraulic lift lock in the world.


"The canoe building industry of the Peterborough area developed slowly beginning in the late 1850's and early 1860's when small canoe building operations opened in Peterborough, Lakefield and Gore's Landing. There was sustained growth during the 1870's and then the industry expanded considerably in the 1880's and on into the 1890's. The building of canoes continued to be one of the major industries in the Peterborough area right into the 1960's." Peterborough Centennial Museum

Visit the Canadian Canoe Museum online.